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We all have the Room 2 Improve

Room 2 Improve or #R2I is something that came to my mind after competition. I didn't compete as well as I was hoping to - adding so much pressure onto myself. But competition was over and there was nothing else that I could do; what's done is done. Knowing I wasn't at my peak I just knew that i had plenty "room 2 improve". That's where it all began. 

Whether it be a sport, business, school or even your personal life - we all have the room 2 improve. These topics and more are the backbone of this movement. It's not just a movement for athletes, it's for anyone and everyone that is looking to better themselves. It's to keep one from giving up on the goals that they have set for themselves. It is for keeping one motivated, dedicated, prepared and driven to be better than the rest. With that being said, spread the word to everyone you know and continue to support the movement.

"Preparation and dedication is key; the essential piece to greatness!" -- Omar Craddock

"Dream Big and B.I.G" #R2I 


Jumpin' To a Great Start

 This 2012 Indoor season was fun. I was crowned the Indoor Southeastern Conference Champion as well as the 2012 Indoor NCAA National Champion. This Indoor season I finished with a personal long jump record of 7.49m/24'7" and a triple jump personal best mark of 16.75m or fifty-four feet and eleven and a half inches. Both are great accomplishments but it is now time for the outdoor season, and what better way to start off my season than to be at our own facility - in front of the GATOR NATION

 Florida Relays was my season opener this past weekend (Apr. 06-07) and I can say it was a humbling, fun yet challenging experience. On the Saturday of April 7th I opened up in the triple jump with my best series ever and best season opener ever. It was fun because of the true results. Two jumps over 55 feet and the rest of the series were jumps over 54 feet. Humbling to the fact that I'm not going to sit and dwell upon these results because I know bigger and better things are to come. I thank my brother CT, "Christian Taylor" for coming out, showing support and being of some assistance. In all I'm really looking forward to a great outdoor season - collegiality onto the US Olympic Trials and then onto the Olympic Games. The start to the 2012 outdoor season was amazing, but it's a must to get back to the intense work over the next 10 weeks. #R2I

 Omar Craddock

Florida Relays 

16.85m (0.5) 16.14m (1.1) 16.70m (1.3) 16.90m (1.7) 16.67m (0.6) 16.71m (0.9)  

The Fun Begins!!

Thanks to everyone that showed support for me back in Texas at the Texas A&M Challenge. Those of you that know Long Jump is not my specialty but I did my best and I came out on top. I won with a mark 24'7" which is a foot and seven inch personal best.

Being from Texas is what made the atmosphere so amazing. Although I've competed at this meet and facility a number of times this time particularly was different. reason being is because i battle with a few minor injury during the first couple of meets; which is the reason i missed them. With the conference challenge being my first meet in competition I was overly excited, and to top it off I was doing an event that isn't one of my favorites.  Due to one of the minor injuries I inquired (tendonitis) it caused me to miss almost two-weeks of practice, and at this meet was the first time i stepped foot back onto a runway. To come away with the win like I did was overwhelming and such an honor.

Texas A&M Challenge Presented by Mondo America
Texas A&M-Gilliam Indoor Track Stadium - College Station, TX

Men's Long Jump


PlaceOverallNameYearTeamMetric EnglishScore
1.1.Craddock, Omar JR-3Florida7.49m 24' 7" -
2.2.Turner, Jonathan FR-1Texas A&M7.44m 24' 5" -
3.3.Benard, Chris SR-4Arizona State7.41m 24' 3.75" -
4.4.Brown, Desmond SR-4Tennessee7.16m 23' 6" -
5.5.Anderson, Tyler FR-1Tennessee7.00m 22' 11.75" -
6.6.McBride, Bryan SO-2Arizona State6.91m 22' 8" -
7.7.Baker, Edmund FR-1Arizona State6.22m 20' 5" -
8.Lamb, Bryce JR-3Texas TechND ND -
9.Williams, Dellon SR-4Texas TechND ND -

Let me tell you...

Blog#1 My Beach Experience: Going to the beach is something that I am not used to; being from Killeen, Texas, we don't have any beaches. The closet to a beach we can get to would be going to Belton Lake, or Stillhouse Lake. This blog is about my beach experience August 16th, 2011; although this wasn't my first time at a beach but this was in fact my first time going into the beach. 

I had so much fun at the Jacksonville beach, it gave me sometime away from Gainesville and training. In a way i think going to the beach and actually getting in the water slightly helped me come over my fear of beaches. One of them was walking around in the sand thinking crabs were going to be buried in the sand ready to attack, as well as Jelly Fish. The good thing about that was I didn't encounter any crab but i did come across a Jelly fish. It was washed upon the shore dead I presume; I couldn't see it breathing. Collecting the shells from in the water and around the shore of the beach in the sand was cool.Very interesting aspects about the shells I found were color, sizes and the most extravagant one was the hairy/fury one. I never would have known a shell would have hair on it. 

To make this blog more relevant to the site I also took the time to do a little bit of bounding (to see if I still had it). I'd rather you look at the videos and pictures that were taken at the beach. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out the videos and photo gallery.

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